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The Sound of Silence…

There have been 5 months of radio silence here and for that I apologise. These have been some of the busiest, most exciting, saddest and happiest months and the truth is that each day after between 8-13 hours of work I just didn’t have the will to write here – any precious free time was spent with my little family: Siscu, Vito & Sheela.

I have been extremely busy and productive with my speaking work and my executive development. I’ve spoken for Telefonica, Danone, was a plenary speaker for over 700 women at the WIN Conference Prague and have been developing new sessions with IESE Business School in Barcelona – today I speak for Telefonica again!

Essential Running was a huge success and a joy in Greece (photos to follow soon!) – the group was wonderful and the experience was enriching for all involved, staff included.

We haven’t only had excitement, hard work and productivity though, for life such as it is brings us moments of heart-wrenching sadness too. We had to say goodbye to our beloved dog Vito. He had been a part of my life for over 12 years and part of Siscu’s for 5 years. Here today isn’t them moment for me to write about the most wrenching goodbye – that will come at another time but I can’t write about these 5 months without including my most faithful companion here.

In fact I will be writing in more detail about all of these things over the next month but today is the perfect time to break radio silence and to lay the foundation for next week’s news:

Since April I have been developing and have launched the most exciting and ambitious project of my life – Running 4 Her. This project is about to be unveiled next Monday in Barcelona at our first press conference. It will be unveiled fully here too then. I knew it was a huge and challenging project, and hey I love challenges don’t I? But I didn’t realise it would require quite so much time OR that it would be quite so exciting and enriching – and there’s still so much more ahead… to quote the Carpenters, “Its only just begun”.

So enough for now – I’ll leave you with the logo designed by a wonderful group of 16-year old girls and hopefully whet your appetites to come back for more over the coming days to discover what, how, why and where I will be Running 4 Her!

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