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The Girls of Spring

What a pleasure it was yesterday to give my motivational talk “Finding your Own Path” in La Vall College in Bellaterra! This month the college was voted the 6th best school in Catalonia and in the top 100 in Spain, and this was evident to me yesterday when I visited them to share my story, my philosophies and my messages with some 100 15-year-old girls and their teachers.

The hall was full, not only with the young women, but also with positive energy and joy, not usually seen outside a rock concert.

Both teachers and students welcomed me in such a warm manner, that from the first moment till the last, I was not only able to enjoy giving the talk, but also to thoroughly enjoy being there.

At the end they had so many interesting and intelligent questions that we had to finally stop them due to lack of time. Their applause was thunderous, accompanied by loud cheering. The fact that we’d stopped the questions didn’t stop them though – they just swarmed up to me, surrounded me and we continued chatting for another 15 minutes or so.

After the talk the presented me with a gift and the teachers invited me to lunch with them – an added pleasure to the visit!

I truly love working with young adults (both girls and boys) – the ability to perhaps touch some lives and help in some of their futures by giving them tools to help face whatever awaits them is for me a luxury.

I always enjoy giving motivational talks, but there are times when they remain engraved in my heart – yesterday was one of those times.

If life is measured in Seasons, then those girls are Spring – just like the view from my window today, they are brilliant, and full of the promise and all the possibilities in the world. Congratulations girls and congratulations La Vall College…

Be Excellent!

Motivation: Chapter 2

Continuing from last weeks article on Motivation…

We all have different reasons for starting a particular sport. I’m going to use the example of running as it’s my own particular sport, but most of what I’m going to say can be applied to nearly all sports.

You may have taken up running because your new partner is a runner, or because your parents run, or for many the possibility of losing weight is a great incentive, and for others it’s a way of escaping an unhealthy life of addiction – there are many different reasons. What is important though for everyone is to know why they run. To be able to motivate yourself in something, first you need to be clear as to why you are doing it in the first place. Once you have this clear you can then begin to work on the motivation itself.

Depending on your reason or reasons for running, you can start setting yourself goals which are related to you reason for running, and will therefore help keep driving you to continue. We all need goals in life, and it’s important that they’re not all very long-term goals. It’s best to also plan smaller goals, more achievable one, which will then help us to reach our bigger long-term ones. As I mentioned in Chapter 1, it’s important to have a solid strategy for running, both so as to help in your training schedule, and also to help you achieve your goals and maintain motivation.

Boredom is a great contributor to losing motivation, and therefore it’s important to keep changing your routes, your type of training and your running locations. All too often training plans a very inflexible – this won’t help you break the monotony. No matter how good your plan is, if you get too bored and de-motivated to continue, this plan will be worthless. If you’re in danger of becoming de-motivated, it’s much better to adopt a flexible training plan, and add variety to your runs, because if you burn out psychologically, the best plan in the world won’t help you in your race – you may not even arrive at race day.

Flexibility, variety, music, and good company can all help you to keep up your motivation, but there’s one other thing that plays a great part in this too…rest. I don’t know many people who respect rest – it’s one of the areas I work on a great deal in my running seminars and training camps. If you don’t leave yourself enough rest in your training schedule, before, during and after your race or challenge, you definitely won’t reach your top performance, and you will probably begin to lose motivation. Our bodies and our minds are intricately connected and we need both in optimum condition to function at our best. To be well both physically and mentally we must know how to rest.

Forget looking at what others do – most people do not reach their true potentials due to injury, improper training methods, lack of proper strategy, and lack of motivation and mental training – you must think of what you want, what your objectives are, your own reasons for running and in your own needs. Respect your body and your mind and you’ll find that you will neither lose your goals, nor will you lose your motivation…

Be Excellent!

Welcome weekend!

Even though I’d promised to post Chapter 2 of my “Motivation” article, after the 4 hour run that I did with Frank, I think I prefer to rest, relax and disconnect – the article will be here in Monday. So for all of you, have a wonderful weekend – make sure to disconnect too and concentrate on your loved ones…

Be Excellent!

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