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The 24-Hour Chronicles Nº 3 – The First Six Hours

At around one hour into the challenge, Frank brought me the 2nd watch to try. No one still knew how it worked properly, but they seemed to have managed to get it to do something. As he ran alongside me I strapped it onto my wrist and began checking it. After a lap or two I realised that this watch was going to help me little more than my own broken one. It kept losing satellite connection and turning off, and when it did have connection it didn’t hold a steady pace – it jumped as much as my own.

This constant checking, adjusting and re-checking began to tire me. After several hours of this I had managed to find as tiny stretch of about 10 metres where the gps seemed to show me my correct pace, but even this wasn’t certain and I still felt as if I were running too fast. The constant faffing about with the watch was wearing me down.

The pace which had been set for me had included 5 minutes every hour for loo stops, clothing changes and anything else, but for the first 6 hours I didn’t stop at all. There were two worrying things about this fact. One was why didn’t I need to stop despite the fact that I was drinking plenty of water? The more time went by, the more water I drank; I was worried that something was not working properly with my hydration, and could result in dehydration. The second worrying fact was that because I wasn’t stopping at all, it meant that I was running too fast without the programmed stops.

I was beginning to feel very tired indeed, and more worried with each hour that passed. I knew that as things stood, though on paper my timing looked phenomenally good, in reality it was not certain at all. The calculations had me breaking my record my many kilometres, but I could feel that all was not well, and I was very afraid about what I’d have to face in the coming hours, and particularly as night drew close.

The weather that had been so glorious when I started running, rapidly changed. Threatening clouds loomed overhead, passed over, and then settled close by. Thunder could be heard nearby and the wind picked up, changing direction every hour or so. I still hoped that the forecast would be correct – that the night would be clear and dry and that a bright sunny day would dawn on Saturday…

The loneliness and the monotony of the track was beginning to wear me down also, and I was beginning to struggle in my attempt to remain positive. All who know me know that this is not like me at all – I always focus on the positive whenever possible. But all the hope in the world, all the positive thinking and good planning wasn’t going to help me though in this challenge – I was going to have to face almost unbearable troubles in the coming hours. I knew this already when I passed marathon distance at 4 hours something and I was even more certain when the huge clock showed 6 hours. I was exhausted and was facing my first slump of the challenge – I still had 18 more hours to go…
Be Excellent!

A unexpected week off…

Due to a jolly good dose of the flu, I’ve been off most of the week. The 24 hour chronicles will have to recommence next week!
Be excellent!

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