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Alex is on her way!

On the sunny historical Chrystal Palace Sports Centre stadium Alex started her 24 hour, Charity Challenge for Foodbank.  Alex is in good mood and with the sunny day (they promised rain) embracing her and her helpers, she is happy to be underway….

The Eve of Friday the 13th…

Here I am, once again on the eve of a solo running challenge…

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th – I’ve decided that it’ll be a very positive day for me. The charity is very important, the support here and from afar is wonderful, I’m very motivated – so what more can I ask for? No rain I suppose, but that’s probably a bit too much to hope for in London during the month of April.

My intention is as always to simple do my absolute best. If I can break my record of 184 km in 24 hours, I will do so. Nothing is certain – in fact as I always say: if it’s certain and if it’s easy then it’s not a challenge. With this in mind, my first goal is to do the best I possibly can under the conditions I find myself in tomorrow and on Saturday – and of course to do so with a smile!

Though my focus will be on completing the 24 hours, but I will be visualising my arrival at 3.45 pm on Saturday at The Den at Millwall FC at half-time during the Millwall-Leicester match. Ok – I will have to run an extra 11 km after I finish my 24 hours, but the arrival at The Den promises to be wonderful – with a bucket collection for Foodbank as well.

For all who want to support Foodbank and have fun at the same time – it’s time to place your bets…

Every person that donates on the link below is invited to guess how many kilometres I will complete during my 24 hour run. The person with the nearest guess will win a fantastic prize from celebrated chef, Richard Corrigan:

As Richard’s guests, 2 people will go to Bentleys Oyster Bar & Grill in London and enjoy Oysters and Champagne to start the evening, then will arrange for a car to take them round to Corrigans, Mayfair to enjoy a wonderful evening over there of dinner for 2 with sommelier matched wine.

Entry is simple. When you make your donation via the link you will have the chance to leave a message – make sure to leave your name and e-mail address and of course your guess at how many kms I will run (to the nearest 0.1 of a kilometere).

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Now it’s time for me to rest and eat and then get a good night’s sleep…

Be Excellent!

The bets are on!

With just two days to go I’m now focusing everything on my mental preparation and on resting. Frank has just landed in Bournemouth – I’m eagerly awaiting his arrival here chez the Mould’s!

Yesterday’s trip up to London to The Den at Millwall FC went extremely well. We went over the logistical details for Saturday’s big arrival, after which we went down to the pitch for a photo op and presentation of Zampa the lion, Millwalls mascot who willl be attached to my pack when I run from the NSC to The Den on Saturday after my 24 hour ordeal.

The bet is on! Guess how many kilometres I’ll run during my 24 hr solo run and donate to the Trussell Trust Foodbank network. The winner will win a 3-course dinner for two at a top London Restaurant.

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