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First marathon run…!!!

Alex ha cumplido su primer maraton ahora…. 42 km en 4:22. Todavia falta mucho, pero por lo menos hay menos de 20 horas ahora…. Va bien y se siente bien….. Los tormentas han pasado y ahora brilla el sol otra vez…

Alex tiene compania en la pista ahora – el Mark Ward ha acabado su reto personal de 10 millas y el otro Mark – Mark Elling – esta corriendo ahora….

3 hours run….

Alex has now done the first 3 hours…. and about 30 km … We have had the bout of rain  – a little shower lasting about 5 min…. Thunder and lightning is threatening right now…. Alex has settled into a steady pace, which is somewhat slower than the initial kilometers.  Her brother Constantine has left and will be back later. Quim and Anna, who were here at the start, have gone to explore London a bit more….  Quim will be back with Fede (both from Spain) to join Alex on the track. The betting is still going on… keep betting and keep letting others know about the betting – there is a dinner for two at stake…

First hour passed….

After initial problems with the Polar watch, that simply refused to show the pace, we changed to a Garmin Forerunner, which turns out to be just as unstable in indicating the kilometres. I guess the fact of running in a confined space confuses the GPS calculations…. Anyway, we got it working more or less… and Quim Arpi made us an spreadsheet to calculate her pace… so we are set for now….   Alex started out going too fast due to these problems but is now at a more stable pace… (follow her here>\). Sun still out and weather nice…. a light breeze on the track….

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