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10 hours done….!!

Now past 10 hours 30 min – and 93 km – doing great and running with Quim and Fede now…. Alex has put on a bit more clothes due to the cold and now it is raining a slow drizzle… She is still eating and drinking on schedule …

1/3 done…

Alex has turned direction for the second time… That means that she has passed 8 hours.. Frank has been running with her for the last hour or so trying to cheer her on a bit during a difficult streak….Alex is still drinking and eating well… Chris picked up some lemons to add a bit a flavour to the water and make it go down more easily….

At present> 164 laps = 73,8 km = 8:04:17

6 hours and a bit of crisis

Alex has done a patch running with Chris Mould, president of The Trussel Trust, which is behind Foodbank. She is having a bit of a crisis due to the problems in the beginning and the too high pace initially.  She is slowing the pace a bit to recover….

The sun is setting now and soon the stadium lights will come on….

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