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17 hours after a terrible night

Alex has run 17 hours and 135 km and has suffered a terrible night with tiredness and nausea. The temperature dropped quite a lot and a strong breeze picked up making the estimated temperature including chill-factor about 1 degree. Also it presented a strong headwind along the stands. Alex found it hard to drink and eat and struggled with nausea for several hours. She was accompanied by Quim and Federico for many hours. Fede is still with her. Just before sun-up she managed to take some hot tea with honey which gave a bit of new life…. Right now it is a bit tight as to beat her record, but we hope that daylight and a rise in temperature may get her moving faster again.

12 hours… halfways

12 hours done with 105 km…

First 100 km..

Alex passed the first 100 km in 11 hours 20 minutes! She is doing good, but is starting to feel the tiredness. Also, now she is starting to have problems eating. Drinking is still fine. At present Chris Mould is running with her… he is planning on doing two hours with her. He is relieving Quim and Fede, who have already done a couple of hours with her.

Unfortunately, it has started raining strongly and it seems that it may continue all night. Bad luck. Now starts the tiredness of the night slowly and in an hour or two she will face the threat of her circadian rhytmn that want her to sleep…. We will be cheering her on….

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