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Home for a night!

Frank and I arrived home last night to a magnificent welcome from Vito and Sheela – we’d missed them terribly, and though we were sad to leave our UK friends, we were both happy to return to out beloved faithful quadrupeds. I’m setting off again though today for Madrid – for the Madrid Marathon Expo to promote my Running Camp, my book and then for a meeting on Monday. The best part of the trip will be the opportunity to spend time with out great friends Carmen and Estefi, which is always a huge pleasure.

I’m recuperating well – today I went for my first very short trot and all feels fairly good. The expo won’t help too much though as I’m still exhausted. The truth is that due to the conditions there, and a few mistakes which we made, I shouldn’t have been able to break my record. The fact that I did was solely due to mental strength – I gave every ounce of myself physically and mentally, and finished empty and shattered. Now rest and recuperation is essential, and I’m going to respect this.

It’s also time for the challenge chronicles – to tell the story of my adventures and those of my magnificent team. I’ll begin tomorrow, and then continue next week after the expo.
Be excellent!


Due to total exhaustion I’ll reply yo all your wonderful messages over the next days! Thank you so much!

The last hours…

It has been tough, very tough..much tougher than expected… Two hours to go… it will be close to her old record, but with a bad start and unexpected problems and severe burnout after 12 hours, she struggled on and did what has become one of her trademarks – completed her challenge… Now awaits Millwall and entering into the stadium to continue one of her main objectives / namely to help Foodbank help people in need…

During the night and morning Alex struggled as you can see from the photo… but she had great company virtually all the way…In the photo with Mark Elling, who accompanied her during the challenge as well…


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