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Kms for Laughter, Thought & Growth

“Tomorow’s Friday!” I said to both Quim & Fede when I called them last night to meet for today’s run. Frank will drive me out to meet them – it’s 4 am and we’re about to leave home. Quim will run about 8 km with me, and Fede will cover about 42 of my 75 km – what luxury for me!

I already know that with such good company, I’ll be setting off on the right foot, and will certainly carry on well after that. I get my best ideas and do my best work for all lmanner of projects while i run, so today should be no different!

One Step More…


No this isn’t an article about the mythical marathon distance of 42 km, rather it’s an article on reflections on life.

A week ago I had my 42nd birthday.  It was a perfect time to evaluate the things that are most important to me.

Obviously Frank, friends and family come top of the list, and that includes our dogs of course! There is nothing that beats sharing life with others – it’s what makes everything worthwhile. In that respect I am truly blessed; to be rich in true friends and a wonderful family is precious beyond riches. With Frank beside me and surrounded by so much love and warmth from near and far is more than I can ask in this respect.  Health of course is vital for fully living life – I take great care of heath, firstly for my life and then of course for my running.

And then come all the values that I have learned along the path of my life, particularly the last years through my running. There is no price for these things.  Though it can be tough at times to adopt and apply to life, if you manage to do it, they give so much in return.

Dedication, Determination, Perseverance, Resilience, Discipline, Inner Strength, Joy, Truth, Integrity, Honesty – all these and more come to mind top values. I try to apply to everything I do.  They are qualities I value highly in others especially the latter three.

Though all values are integrally important to our lives, both in love, friendship and work, Truth, Integrity, and Honesty are what tip the balance for me in all relationships. They help me make my best decisions in my work.  Without these it’s impossible to lay the foundations for any relationship, and of course it’s impossible to build anything solid without these. Three tiny, simple, precious words… they make all the difference in the world.

In today’s society too many people build their lives and their fortunes without these. They may build castles, fortresses, build empires even, but if they are built on sand – empty of value, lacking foundation – their existences will be equally empty.

No matter what lifestyle you aspire to, what your goals and dreams are, don’t forget that whatever you want can be attained without selling your soul. Keep your values; keep your Truth, your Integrity and your Honesty.

One Step More!

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