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40 km of Inspiration and Optimism

Today I had a 40 km run – my medium-long run of the week. As Oz & Jordi had said that they wanted to join me for the second 20 km at around 9am, I left home running at dawn along the coast.

As I ran I worked on all my projects for the coming 3-4 months and before I knew it I saw two fluorescent orange clad figures waiting for me up ahead. The next 20 km passed even faster than the first, making this one of my best training runs of the season. It’s truly wonderful being able to train, work, brainstorm and chat with friends all at once!

One Step More!

A Change of Agenda

A change of agenda has allowed me to postpone my trip; I can remain here during this period of intense training. It gives me plenty of time to work on my Spanish projects and to train at peak level. Traveling during periods of high-level training is always difficult, and can put huge pressure on one’s body and mind.

So it’s with pleasure that I continue with my sights set on April and my UK challenge for the Foodbank network!

One Step More…

A Different Challenge Completed!

I began preparing my Dubai programmes months ago, and I finished the content a while back. The last month though, I’ve been working on the visuals, and it’s been incredibly intense work. Together with Lluís most of them are finally finished! I set off on Friday and will be there for three weeks.

I’m looking forward to it, though it’s with a heavy heart that I leave Frank, Vito & Sheela for so long.

This morning I ran my last long run before I leave – 50 km along the coast. I had the great pleasure of sharing the first kms with Quim & Fede!

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