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Back on track

I returned from Athens as planned on Monday evening after a wonderful, intense and productive long weekend.

It was a huge pleasure as always seeing my parents and spending time with them. I also managed to see a couple of my closest friends so that was an added bonus. My mother’s house moving was a success, and added to my exercise, taking the stairs at a run after carrying boxes up and down was definitely an addition to my light training. Actually my running went surprisingly well, despite the fact that I was rather tired from carrying boxes up and down stairs!

Now back home with Frank, Sheela and Vito, I’m neck deep in preparation for my Dubai programs – everything is coming together beautifully. I’m also working together with Constantine and Mark regarding my next UK challenge. We’re tying up the main details and should have the date and location fixed very shortly.

As this next challenge is due to take place during the second week of February, I will need to begin my heavy training at the beginning of December. It will be a very tough period for me as I have my Dubai programs, followed by a visit to Frank’s family in Demark. Then come Christmas and New Year which further complicate things. I won’t be able to lower my training, on the contrary, I’ll have to be raising it steadily.  I’ll just have to plan my training schedule carefully to allow for all of these trips and festivities, while still fitting in the necessary km. I forsee a very tough January for me as that will be when the bulk of my training will be done. That’s one way to start the year on a positive note – kilometrating!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a piece about my 315 km written by Lluís, which will give you a slightly different perspective of the challenge. It’ll allow you to live it through the eyes of the team.


On the way to Athens

Once again I’m writing from above the clouds, but this time on my way from Zurich to Athens. Yesterday afternoon and evening with Constantine was wonderful. It’s always great to spend time together, and due to our locations we don’t get to do it often enough, so we have to make the most of it when we do. We certainly had no lack of things to discuss, and the hours flew by yesterday. Dinner was perfect; the fondue was exceptional.

Though time was limited, Constantine and I managed to cover a lot, planning wise, for my next UK challenge, amongst other things. It was a huge pleasure spending the time with him – it was not only fun, but productive too.

So now I’m off flying towards Athens and my parents for a couple of days of family time. It can only be a short visit this time, as I’m busy preparing my Dubai courses for the end of this month, but I have no doubt that it will be a great trip. Family time, house moving, tavernas, a few friends, and of course a bit of kilometrating will ensure that it will be a fun and intense time.

I’ll be off line until Tuesday, when I’ll be back with some of my post-challenge feedbank –regarding the physical, psychological and logistical aspects of challenge itself.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend…


Fondue in Zurich

And so the chronicles of my 315 km have ended, though in one sense, they are only just beginning; the preliminary work on my new book has begun, and very shortly I’ll be starting to write it.

Now comes some of the post-challenge analysis, but that will have to wait as I will be without internet for several days.

I’m writing this from above the clouds on my way to Zurich. I will be staying with my brother Constantine, before setting off tomorrow morning to Athens to visit my parents.

This afternoon I will be discussing my following two UK Foodbank challenges with Constantine, and no doubt we’ll come up with plenty of ideas. The challenges have already been decided, but now come all the details of the logistical preparations. So over tea this afternoon and fondue this evening, we will be working on my two adventures of 2012 – a great way to brainstorm!

The only downside is that Frank couldn’t come on this trip, as we were unable to find “babysitters” for Vito and Sheela. Frank is staying to look after them, though it’s also likely that they will be doing their fair share of looking after him too!

I’ll try to post a short blog tomorrow afternoon from Athens, before my mum’s internet gets cut, as she is moving house over the weekend.

So brainstorming, house moving and much chatting awaits me over the next few days…oh yes and yummy fondue followed by wonderful Greek taverna food!


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