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90 wonderful km

Despite the fact that I was dreading this second long nocturnal training run, it was wonderful. Apart from the first two hours, I went from strength to strength, enjoying the nighttime coastal views, my music and the wondeful crew supprot of Siscu and Vilaprat. I arrived home much earlier than planned and full of energy. It’s been one of the best training sessions I’ve had in my carreer as an extreme endurance runner. It’s not every day that you can say that about 90 nocturnal kilometres…

Now the exhaustion has hit and it’s time to rest and recuperate in preparation for two more even tougher weeks.

Next week I’ll be posting news about my upcoming October challenge – the final decisions are being made, so very soon all will be revealed!

An early dinner with Siscu, Oz, Littel Mar and Jordi before my R&R


A night on the coast

Here we are preparing everything for our night along the coast. I’ll be setting off from home at about 8 something pm to drive up top Palafrugell where I’ll begin my 90 km night run, which will take me down the Costa Brava and the Costa del Maresme all the way home. Siscu & Vilaprat will be accompanying me by car to give support and to keep an eye on me – lucky me!

The GPS tracker should be working here (Click “Donde esta Alex”) – it will change screen at midnight, but you’ll be able to see the whole run by changing the date on the platform. That way you’ll be able to accompany me before you go to sleep and after you wake up, at least virtually.

Now I’m off to prepare dinner, my sandwiches, my pack, my music and my good cheer!


If it’s easy…

I’d forgotten just how tough it is to do a long night training, while dragging all the tiredness of a tough training period along with alot work in other areas. But I remembered soon enough last Thursday whe I set out for my 80 km night run. That said, it’s precisely these training sessions – the tough ones – which are most helpful in preparing you for a major challenge. The easy ones are fun, but the brutal ones are what build your mental strength and prepare you for the true suffering that will come in the main event.

Siscu and Vilaprat’s support was wonderful; not only did they keep me watered and fed throughout the oh so long night, but they also kept my morale up the whole time. The kilometers that I shared with Fede and Quim were unforgetttable. When we met sometime around 3.30 am in the middle of Tossa, they announced “We decided we had nothing better to do tonight, and so came out for a late trot along the coast!” Their comany is wonderful, easy and relaxing. Conversation flows with them, and they don’t drain any energy – they simply fill you with even more that youy had to begin with. I hope to set off a bit earlier, between 8 and 9 pm.

Tomorrow night I’ll be heading back up the coast for some more nocturnal kilometres – about 90. It’ll be one of my longest and toughest runs prior to my October challenge. I’ll set off from Palafrugell instead of Palamos – adding some 10 km onto my last week’s run. I hope the GPS tracker works this time so that you can at least join me virtually.

This week has flown by with tough trainings and a lot of work preparing my executive programs for Dubai. At the moment it’s difficult to set out running; so many kilometres alone is hard -and each week the accumulated  distance leaves me even more tired. I am focussing on my October challenge – only looking ahead – as I know that it will all be worth it in the end. Without this period now, I wouldn’t be ready to set off for the truly gruelling event that awaits me. And as I always say, if it’s easy and if it’s certain, then it’s not a challenge!


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