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The silence of the night

At 3 something in the morning, tea in hand and sitting beside Siscu on the sofa, there is almost total silence here. This is the only hour when it’s like this – at this time of night, and the odd Sunday, when the National road is closed.

After a surprise skype call from my friend Manou in the US, we’re waiting for Vilaprat to arrive so that he can take me up the cosat for me to begin my 70 km run. What Surprises await me, I wonder? Certainly Fede will run out to join me at some point in the early morning, but other than that, I have no idea – the day will tell!


Mercury soars

The waether forecast for tomorrow says that the temperature will be even hotter  – joy for those who are still enjoying the beach, but not so for me with my long training run of 70 kilometres. As I cannot yet change the weather, and can’t stop training, I will need to do the only thing possible: take all precautions to protect myself as much as possible.

Though sleep is essential, due to the extreme condictions, we’ve decided that it’s best that I begin an hour earlier tomorrow – that’s to say at 5.30 am at the absolute latest. That way I’ll be able to advance along the coast with my headlamp considerable before sunrise. The humidity will still affect me at that hour, but not as baddly as it will a bit later on when it’s joined by the relentless sun. With more water than ever, cap, sunscreen, sandwiches, Vitanadh by Vitae, music, and great joy as always, I hope to be able to complete this run successfully.

Siscu and I will be waiting for Vilaprat at (poor Vilaprat!), who will leave me up in Platja d’Aro and accompany me for a while till it’s light, and will take the opportunity to film some of the training session.

An interesting day awaits me tomorrow – and you too, as you can follow me here on my website, by clicking on the live tracker – “Donde esta Alex”.


42 kilometres of Personal Excellence

Many of you already know my philosophy of Personal Excellence – certainly those of you who’ve read my book already have an idea of what it’s about. In a nutshell, it’s not about always winning, always coming out top, and always triumphing, although these may well be the outcomes, but instead it refers to always doing the best you possibly can every day, in everything you do. It asks you to always give the best of yourself. To reach your personal excellence requires you to demand of yourself your greatest effort, not only in important moments, but in every single moment. Life is a sum of all the little moments, and if your not capable of giving your best, you will never reach your maximum potential.

Yesterday was a great test for me personally. The tiredness that I had been dragging with me from the stomach bug I had had since last Thursday, coupled with the extreme heat and humidity, made for 42 truly brutal kilometres – worse even than last Friday’s 70 kilometres. It was horrendous. From El Masnou onwards, I battled with exhaustion, my body pouring with sweat and my clothes utterly soaked, even down to my shoes, while a cruel sun beat down on me from directly overhead.

With each kilometre I ran, I had to battle anew with my demons that were trying to convince me to stop, to walk, and to abandon my run. Each kilometre I had to find new reasons for continuing and new goals along the way to lure me on: –to reach the end of the promenade, to reach the port of Masnou, or the 3 chimneys – anything just to keep me running.  It was a constant battle, and I was my own worst enemy.  But finally I managed to convince myself to continue on and complete each one of those 42 infernal kilometres.

It was a true test of my philosophy – I had to employ all my mental and physical strength to complete the training successfully. I’m delighted that I didn’t fall into the temptation to abandon and find instant comfort.  This type of comfort doesn’t bring you much relief, nor does it allow you to achieve anything in the long run.  I prefer to strive for personal excellence, and wait for the comfort that comes at the end of the struggle!

The meeting that followed the run, went beautifully. Needless to say, I had to spend almost an hour prior to said meeting, rehydrating, drying off, eating and changing my clothes.


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