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Timetables and more

Apart form my training today, my day has been taken up preparing a detaled list and for my big challenge of 2012. I’ve drawn up a detailed timetable and daily routine for the challenge, along with a tentative allocation of tasks for each team member.

As you can see, my challenges must be prepared well in advance, espcially these multi-day ones. The team has not been fully decided yet, we are in the final choice process. It is important for all involved that the daily routine is clear and precise, so as to avoid confusion, stress and serious mistakes which could risk the sucess of the challenge. These extreme endurance endeavours are extremely gruelling for me – any additional stress can add terribly to my load. It’s also very exhausting for the team. A cohesive team can be a great joy, while an unprepared or wrongly chosen team can be an utter nightmare.

Those of you who’ve read my book will already know what these challenegs involve more or less, and you will have an idea of how important it is that the details are prepared from well in advance.

Now it’s time for our afternoon dog walk, followed by dinner and rest, as tomorrow promises to be a tough day: I’ll begin the day with a short early morning run, and will end it by setting out at night for my 80 km night run!


Putting my best foot forward

I always try to set out by putting my best foot forward (another way of describing my philosophy of personal excellence) – though seeing the photos from my 70 kilometre training run last Friday, it’s a biit hard to figuire out which foot that would be!

I ran a great run, but the heat took it’s toll, despite my having set out at 5am. The humidity was terrible; by 5.30 am I was bathed in sweat, even though dawn was still far off. By 6.30 am I had water running down my legs and dripping off my clothes. Needless to say that by 9.30 when the sun was well on her way across the sky, my condition was worsening, and kept doing so until I finished my run.

Though I felt great training-wise, the effects of the heat were brutal. I developed a terrible heat rash on my feet, my cheast, my back and on my legs. The front of my calves looked as though I had been attacked my a swarm of angry mosquitos; I had large itchy red bumps all over them, and I was convinced this was due to some sort of bite. By Saturday morning I realised though that this too was just one more effect of the brutal condictions – another heat reaction. I developed blisters on both my feet (something wheich hardly ever happens), and not just any blisters, the one on my right foot was whopping, and very painful.

I have multiple abrasions from running for nearly nine hours in soaking wet shorts.

All these reactions have never happened to me in my training phase, only during my multi-day challenges. Training is becoming increasingly tough due to the fact that the weather conditions do not seem to be changing for the better.

Tomorrow I have a medium long run of about 40 – 45 kilometres. I will probably have to set out at dawn so as to escape the worst of the heat. But ofr my long run, as I found last week, even if I set off before dawn, the heat will still affect me terribly, regardless of what precautions I take.

Siscu came up with the only reasonable solution – to take advantage of these next few weeks to do my night trainings. As I will need to do a couple of night runs in preparation for my October challenge, I will do so now, so as to avoid daylight, and in turn the heat. It won’t take care of the humidity, but the effects shopuld be markedly less aggressive.

Apart from this solution, I will revert to wearing my legging, which, though hot and uncomfortable, do not seem to invite abrasions as much as my shorts do, when wet over long periods of time.

So a couple of extremely tough weeks await me with Thursday nights dedicated, not to rest, but to my long runs…


Let the weekend begin!

The 70 km turned out incredibly well – a huge surprise after my 42 infernal ones on Tuesday.

Vilaprat’s mobile water stations were marvellous, as was the company of Fede, Miquel, Siscu and Ade – thanks to all of you!

I had some rather adverse effects from the extreme weather conditions, but right now I’m too exhausted to write any more – I’ll leave that for Monday. Now it’s time for my weekend rest, with only a short trot tomorrow…let the weekend begin!


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