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Life as we live it requires a certain amount of routine – in our work, our hobbies and our private lives. Though routine helps us achieve order in what we do, and provides us a certain amount of stability and a sense of security, at times it dulls our creativity and our motivation; it can, if not broken lead us into a rut. This rut, this rather rigid situation may in fact lull us into a sense of security, provide us with a comfort zone, where we feel safe, but it can lead us to stagnation. When routine takes over and blankets our incentive to grow, it can lead us to boredom – and when we find ourselves in a state of boredom and stagnation, however secure or comfortable it may seem, it doesn’t leave us room to thrive.

This applies to any area in our lives, professional, recreational or personal. The key to avoid stagnation, boredom and imprisonment in an overly secure world is, at the first signs of boredom, at the first hint of laziness or unwillingness to break out and fight for growth, we must break out of our routines, if only for a short while, force ourselves to reach into the non habitual and let our minds thrive in the change; wash away the cobwebs of routine.

To avoid this situation entirely – for if stagnation is too great, it may require enormous changes to jolt us out of it – I try to fit the non habitual into my routines, whenever possible.

Today is an example of that. As you can well imagine, training for me has to be somewhat of a routine. Considering the hours I train per week – which can reach up to twenty five or more – it’s obvious that I have to provide some framework, some routine to fit this in to a schedule busy with other aspects of my work – writing, planning, logistics for my challenges, and speaking engagements. Motivation is vital for me to not only achieve my running and writing challenges, but also managing to complete my training as well – my training is almost like a challenge in itself, it’s so tough. Monotony kills motivation and must be avoided at all costs, though routine is also necessary. I try to fit variation into the parameters of my training routine wherever possible – and today I will do just that.

As I’m now building up to my high training phase of my Autumn challenge, Tuesdays is my medium long training day. They will, in the coming weeks reach to 40 or 50 kilometres, but at the moment, the medium long day should be around 25-28 kilometres. As I have a very interesting and potentially positive meeting in Barcelona at 11 am, I have decided to vary the location of my training. I will drive up Plaza Mireia and meet Vilaprat for a 25 to 28 kilometre run along some of my favourite old training routes, from when I lived in Barcelona – through the mountain trails of Collserola and the Carretera de les Aigues.

It promises to be a wonderfully refreshing break in my running routine, and no doubt Vilaprat’s company will be very welcome indeed – we won’t be short of conversation or beautiful views during our hilly midday training session!


Post Holidays

I’ve now survived the first week post holidays, and I must say that I’m delighted with the results.

Despite the fact that I’d planned a relaxing week so as not to shock my rather relaxed system too much, it was an extremely productive week. I managed to have several extremely positive meetings regarding speaking engagements, projects, and of course running challenges. I’ve begun regualar training again, as during my holidays, I trained without a program; running when, where, and only as much a s I felt like. Now it’s back to a schedule – 3 weeks of raising kms, followed by heavy preparation for my Autum challenge.

Finally on my list of things achieved in my first week back, is the base work for my next book – I’ll be beginning writing this week, and must say that I’m very excited to get stuck in again.

The following 10 months promise to be extremely busy, tough, exciting and challenging on all fronts, and I can definitely say that I’m ready for the challenge and the excitement of it all!


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