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Everything’s relative…

Today I had my long run of the week, which turned out to be 40 km. The first 29km were shared with Vilaprat (Siscu had too much work to join us). We trotted along happily chatting about a hundred and one different things, and though we had to pick up our pace rather dramatically when I realised that I had miscalcualted the time – I was supposed to meet Siscu in Mataro, and had realised I was running short of time – (excuse the pun!) I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was the last 11km which were extremely tough – where I dragged myself sluggishly along, lamenting my choice in career.

It’s been almost a year since I ran my last challenge, and I must say it’s tough building up my mileage again. I knew it would be like this, it always is when I have to re build my base again, but knowing this doesn’t make it any easier. Today’s 40 km run felt like a 60 km training – the sort that I will be running in a few week’s time. By then though, my body and my mind will be prepared and accostomed to the distances again, and a 40 km run will be my medium long run on a Tuesday, not my long Friday run. Everything’s relative in ultra endurance running.

I can’t wait to launch myself at my new challenge, I’m very excited indeed – but I know it’ll have its ups and downs – but that’s just part of the joys of life!

Have a great weekend all…


Projects and logistics

This week seems to be turning into an extremely positive week as regards both my coming running challenges, and my future projects and plans.

I may be making a rather radical change in the destination of my Autumn challenge – one which promises to make it an even more exciting and even tougher challenge than before.

Having just returned from holiday, refreshed and full of energy, it seems that my creative and inspirational batteries have been more than fully charged, and that this seems to be reflecting out also. Suddenly many of the projects and plans which I have been working hard on for a long time, seem to be falling into place finally.

This just goes to prove a point, which I never tire of stressing – regardless of the obstacles you find in your way, and no matter if at times things don’t seem to be moving ahead quite as you desire, never give up when you believe in a goal or in a dream – keep overcoming the obstacles and progressing towards it, no matter how tough it may seem.

It’s now time for me to slip into my running gear and kilometrate off down the coast for a 15 km trot – as tomorrow is my longish day – about a marathon…


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