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Holidays at last!

The days here in Greece have flown by, filled to the brim with work, books, family and friends – and it’s now time to leave.

For the first time in 5 years I’m taking a holiday of more than 5 days. Challenges, books and projects are wonderful, but a break is more than necessary, bothe ofr the body and for the mind.

Tomorrow Frank, Vito, Sheela and I are setting off fro 3 weeks of adventure, relaxation and new experinces – all free from stress, schedules and almost completely free from internet. We start in Zagorohoria and then slowly make our way back to Spain.

As always I leave my family and friends with a heavy heart, but this time my step is somewhat lighter after such a wonderful  and exciting visit…


A wonderful and emotional evening

Last night was one that I won’t ever forget. it was the most wonderful way for me to present my book in English for the first time, surrounded by family, lifelong friends, running friends, and people whom I’ve just met. The atmosphere was welcoming, and wonderful, and the reception from everyone was magnificent.

This morning I returned to school as guest speaker for the children’s prize giving – an equally special occasion. It’s great to have returned to my old school after 30 years, and to have found that though the school has grown enormously, and is almost unrecognisable, the teachers and the atmosphere is as wonderful, if not more better than before.

Tomorrow, a little more rested and with a little more time, I’ll post photos.


Memory lane

Today is a wonderful day for me – I’ll be presenting my book for the first time in English. That alone would special, but to make it doubly so, I’ll be sharing it with my family and friends here in Athens, at my very first school – St. Catherine’s British Embassy School here in Athens.

I’ll be presenting to people who have known me all my life, to friends whom I met on my return to Greece after university, and to several runners who were with me when I took what were in essence the first steps of my career – my running friends from here in Greece.

Every presentation is different and every one has its own special magic – today’s will be linking my past with my present.


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