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The original version will be out this week!

This week, finally, The Smile of Endurance will be out!  I can’t begin to say how delighted I am, it’s been a long struggle, but finally I’ll be able to welcome it into the world. We decided to launch the Spanish version here first, but it doesn’t change the fact that the English book is the original – it will only feel completely real when it too is published.

These last eight months of translation and editing have been a real battle, and we have hardly even stopped for a day – the last two months have seen Frank and I working right through the weekends. Vilaprat has been onboard for the last two, and has been invaluable to us. At times this is what has to be done, so as to be able to realise something important, and despite the exhaustion, the stress, and at times even the desperation, you carry on fighting for what you believe in. At least I do. With so many delays that were beyond our control, it was important that we have booth books out before we leave in June. And I’m delighted to announce that it will indeed be so.

You can now get a sneak preview of the book here on the website, by clicking on the banner to the right of this blog and later in the week it will be on sale.

Friday, Saturday and Sundays Spanish presentations went beautifully – it will be pleasure to finally be able to present it in English too.  Enjoy the read and …¡Kilometrate!

And now…Girona!

Thanks Juanan for your warm reception yesterday in Runnersworld Tarragona. It was wonderful sharing my experiences and my book with you all!

And now I’m off to Girona where a great group awaits me, lovers both of sport and of literature – it promises to be a fun evening.

And for the last presentation of the week, tomorrow at 12 middy, I’ll be presenting at the Café Llibreria in Sant Esteve de Palautordera.

And last but by no means least is the news that the document for the English book is off to the printers today – what excitement,what joy…Kilometrate!

Off to Tarragona!

This evening I’ll be presenting my book in Tarragona in Runnersworld, from 7.30pm. I’m delighted to be going down – the last time I was in the City, was Sunday the 7th of June 2009, at the finish line of the 2nd stage of my 2010kms. To add to the pleasure tonight is the fact that several  of the people who’ll be there actually accompanied me that day almost 2 years ago.

Tomorrow we’ll be heading in the opposite direction – to Girona for the presentation there. I’m equally delighted to go there too. Luckily I like to travel – these days are a whole new adventure for me!

As well as all this, we’re almost finished with the English book – tomorrow we should be delivering it to the printers. I’m delighted that we’ll finally have my book in its original form!

A couple of Jaime Agusti’s photos from the BCN presentaion…


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