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The arrival

Today the first copy of the Spanish version of my book arrived. We need to go through it carefully, and if it’s all fine…well off it goes to the printers!

How wonderful it was to open the door and find the messenger there clutching a package the size of my book. How amazing it was to sit beside Siscu on the sofa and open it, almost reverently. And of course, what an emotional moment it was to finally open the package and hold the book in my hands. So  many months, so many hours and so much work and heart from so many people, all held together in 500 pages…

I’m still working flat out editing the English version – I think that by the end of next week the final document should be ready, and I will be able to return to my normal routine, and to write here every day also!



After weeks of intense work, with help from Vilaprat, Carmen, Estefi and Ana, the Spanish document is almost ready. We have the ISBN number, and we’re just finishing up some final details before setting it free to fly!

Soon I’ll have information regarding the presentation, and the English version, and of course I’ll be back again here writing regularly.

Have a great weekend all!


Kms, wonderful company, shopping, and the book

It’s been a Friday full of joy and very productive also.  Little time to write,  now that we’re finishing up the photos, illustrations, format, basically the final stretch!  Once again I see how rich I am in the wonderful people in my life.

A great 40km training with Oz (including a sprint for me to the organic farm to buy papaya for lunch and dill for our salad at dinner ) The best training I’ve done in a long time. Arriving at home, Vilaprat was already there to work with us on photos, format & fonts. Nothing more to say, but that I began at 5.30am today and have ended now full of joy and a bit of papaya too!

Happy weekend to all and… Kilometrate!

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