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Personal Excellence for IESE

Last night I was invited to give a talk to a group of executives who are doing an intensive high management course at IESE. The talk was during a dinner held at the Royal Polo Club in Barcelona. Fernando Clariana, the director of business for IESE, presented me in an interview style introduction.

In a talk titled ‘Personal Excellence’, I explained my background and my solo adventures as an ultra runner, and then went on to talk about several of the lessons I’ve learned, tools I employ to achieve my challenges, and outlined my most important philosophies. All the points were ones that can be applied not only to running, but also to the business world and personal life.

The evening was a great success, both in terms of the talk itself, and also in the company. It was a wonderful and relaxed, yet professional group – an absolute pleasure to speak to. It was also a great opportunity to speak to such an international group. Fernando had done an impeccable job in organising the event – he is a credit to IESE.

An added plus was a wonderful dinner – The Polo Club really know how to make a delicious vegetarian dinner! Both Frank and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Now it’s back to book editing – and a lovely run this afternoon…


Sharing my experiences

My book’s almost ready! The Spanish text is almost edited (English following a week or so later),the cover is finished, and the maps are coming along beautifully. What excitement, what joy, what amazing support – what a labour of love!
Tonight I have the pleasure of giving a talk in the Polo Club to an international group of executives who are doing a course in IESE. Frank and I will have dinner with them. It will be great to share my experiences with a group of people from all over the world.

One Stage Closed

Today, I finally finished this intense period of editing both books! There’s still a lot left to do, but it won’t be nearly as intense. in 2-3 weeks, my part will be over!
Now, it’s time for a bit more before Oz arrives, and all 3 of us are off up into the mountains for a trot.

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