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Do not Fall into Temptation

These days it’s impossible not to discuss one particular subject when we’re talking about sports: doping. Here in Spain right now we’re at a point where the names of highly revered athletes, and those that surround them,  are being brought into the limelight, but this time not for any triumph – but accused for doping. I won’t accuse, judge nor will I condemn anyone in particular – I’ll leave that to the state.  Until guilt is proven, we are considered innocent, and therefore, I prefer to focus on the issue itself and not on those individuals mixed up in everything. Anyway, it’s not important who you are, but what you are: your values, morals, and essence, not your name nor your title.

Sports history is long and has various versions. One sport in particular began before sport, as we know it today. There was a need for people to run exceedingly long distances slowly (sound familiar anyone?), while chasing prey. But returning to sports in general, on one side it began as the proof of man’s victory over nature, and on the other, it developed towards competition as a show of the performance, power and precision of the human body and mind.

For each of us perhaps sports means something very different, but no one can deny that it carries some intrinsic values, a code of honour that is perhaps the very essence of sports. Or better said, unfortunately, it should carry this. It’s a crying shame that this essence has been lost for so many. Even more lamentable is the fact that many icons, many role models are those who are demonstrating that this essence doesn’t exist, at least for them. They are showing the public, the youth, that corruption and a lack of honour is the best path to follow. Their behaviour and attitude shows that glory and money should be achieved in whatever way possible, and without  having to think about others. It is truly shameful.

I repeat here, that I’m not referring to any individual in particular – at times innocent athletes have been accused publicly, which destroys them. I’m referring to those who have been clearly proven to be guilty of doping, their trainers, managers and doctors. These people are destroying the pure essence of sports – and they are giving shameful lessons to young people.

It’s not only about the destruction of the heart of sports, I’m also talking about the other results of these practices – that they are depriving money from their fellow athletes, those who knows what a clean fight is.  Use of doping allows them to win not only the medals, but also the prize money, huge appearance money, and of course the important sponsorships that accompany those who stand out in the press.

Those of you who know me, know that a health life is essential to Siscu (Frank) and I. Within the boundaries of a normal life, we live a life free from toxins, chemicals, hormones – basically everything which can harm our well-being. We are on a truly healthy path – of body and of mind. We’re not obsessive, and neither are we saints, but we take great care of our home, our bodies and our dogs. This care reaches to our mental health also – we try to maintain a balanced life, without stress. Obviously this attitude is just one other reason to totally reject doping as an accepted practice.

Each person can treat his or her own body as they want – its their right. But there is a difference when one is in the limelight, is an icon, and is a role model for others, at least there should be. Others, particularly young people follow the example of these icons. It is totally irresponsible and reprehensible when the example they are setting is one which can not only destroy their values, but also their health.

Some athletes are accused mistakenly, and this should not happen either. But the fact that others escape on a technicality is shameful – is someone has used, or recommended doping they should be held responsible for their actions – technicalities shouldn’t be allowed as tools with which to escape. But people know what’s inside his or her self, and what they have done. The face that you show the public, your family or your friends is not the important one, it’s the one that you see in the mirror last thing at night, or first thing in the morning – that face doesn’t lie.

Many say that we should take into account that it is difficult to reject the use of doping when one is an elite athlete. Everything of value is difficult. Who said that life will be easy – that our decisions would be simple? Temptation is a difficult beast to resist. But falling into temptation is the easy path. If this is the case – then how is it possible that we revere those who have taken this easy path to victory? How can we venerate someone for their human strength, when they clearly show their lack of strength of character with their actions?

I’m someone who lives passionately  – and I fight not only to better my life, but also the lives of others. All of us for who essence is important, not only in sports, but also in society, the environment and everything which we leave our children, must fight to show a clear, pure and transparent face.

As I’m someone who believes in the positive, in the essence, I will continue fighting for this essence in sports, nature and in our souls!


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