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Our ASEM Family

Yesterday Siscu and I had a wonderful evening with ASEM Catalunya. I was delighted to present the money raised from the t-shirts (a still remain to be sold, between them and us). These days economic support is being reduced, and any help is welcome and necessary. Juan Jose Moro, the President of ASEM told me today that though money is essential to them, and helps hugely, its other things that give value to life. I couldn’t agree more, and amongst other things, this was the topic of the talk I gave yesterday.  I didn’t talk of my challenges, my adventures – there will be plenty of talks and books for that, I spoke of some of the values that I have learned during these challenges, and of how they have helped me in my life.

I spoke about the importance of having a positive attitude, of knowing and valuing what we have, not what we’re missing, and of course I spoke about the importance of sharing. It was an evening shared with a group of people who know the meaning of a daily struggle, and who know how to look at what they have with joy, not at what they don’t have.

In a society where the response to the greeting “Hello, how are you?” is more often than not one a complaint about what’s wrong in life, it was a breath of fresh air yesterday to share a few hours with such a positive joyful group.

Those who have more, complain more – I said, and we have to value, savour and live every moment we have to the maximum, I said. What I saw before me in the faces of the ASEM members was smiling agreement– they know what they have and the value of it all. It would be a good lesson for everyone to spend time with people so full and rich in optimism and spirit for life.

As it was the 1st National day for Neuromuscular Illness, after Juanjo, Gemma MumbrĂşs, and my talks we read the Manifest. With this, we also inaugurated the exhibition of painting, handcraft and photography that will remain in Can Fabra for the next 10 days. During these days there will be different events planned by ASEM Catalunya.

There with our ASEM family, Siscu, Oz, JMA and V celebrated this special day, breathing in the optimism that radiated from this group of people.

We must stop trying to follow others. Conformity will not help us achieve anything, it won’t fill our spirit, it will empty it – a little more each day.

It’s our differences that will fill us if we learn to let them shine. The ASEM Catalunya family knows how to shine and celebrate their differences.


Nationa day for Neuromuscular Ilnesses

I’m ready and we are preparing to go to Barcelona to present the cheque to ASEM Catalunya. At the same time, as you know, we will be inaugurating a series of events organised by ASEM.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about it – I have no doubt that it will be an evening full of wonderful people and joy!


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