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As the Wind Howls

As the wind howls outside, the light inside Can Kilometrar and in my heart is glowing warm – I adore the seasons, and these days, the evenings carry the scent of autumn. Although it’s still fairly hot during the day, and at night it’s hardly cold, my radar detected the change in season several weeks ago. Each season holds a special charm for m, I thoroughly enjoy them, specially during the change from one to another.

These days we’re being carried closer to winter, and apart from the fact of bidding farewell to the heat, humidity and the tiger mosquitoes of summertime, I can also finally celebrate something which fills me greatly; something which I have not been able to enjoy for over a year now – kilometrating with Siscu.

Finally six months after his operation, he can begin running properly, and though his knee still hurts quite a bit, the Doctor told him in his very words…¡Kilometrate! It’s a luxury for him and a luxury for me, we’re fighting now to see for whom it is a greater luxury!

With a raclette awaiting us as the autumn wind howls outside – I leave you…


A Dog’s Life

In the case of the dogs of Can Kilometrar, Vito and Sheela, the expression takes on a new meaning, for they live a wonderful life, and we with them. For those who may think that my life is kilometrate, kilometrate, kilometrate and little else, you are very wrong. I have many things in my life apart from running, and one of those is my love of dogs. It wasn’t only a passion for me always; it was also my work for many years. In Greece I had a dog training school – yes, I’m also a dog trainer!

Siscu and I are lucky enough to share our lives with Vito and Sheela, 2 incredible beings. I say lucky enough, because its truly a wonderful thing to know the love of a dog – to know what it means to share a life with them. I’m not referring to “share” in the sense a toy for the kids, a status symbol, and certainly not as a burglar alarm. This is to use dogs as tools. They’re not tools, they are beings who share the planet with us, have an pretty advanced intelligence, a social sense much more advanced than most of us humans, and more importantly, they have a capacity for unconditional love which leaves us far behind.

Those who see only the shedding, the time, effort and money necessary to train them (for responsible owners), the drooling, and the smell, have never been touched by the heart of one of these noble souls.

It’s a daily gift for me when Vito stands in front of me, head bowed against my knees in his own special way, looking for affection. The affection he gives in return is immeasurable. He is my shadow at home, following me all over the place just to be close. He is my shadow just as Sheela is Siscu’s radar, always having him in her sights. Each has his/her own character, own sense of humour, and own way of expressing their love, like all dogs, all humans.

If we treat dogs with the dignity they deserve, with the love that they show us, with compassion and responsibility, we will have a friend for life; an unconditional friend – something we hardly ever see among humans. They say that one finds unconditional love between parents and children, in some cases this is true and in some not. A dog that loves you will do so for life. They will keep on loving you even if you stop feeding then, stop giving them water, if you hit them, or even if you abandon them. Its truly lamentable that we know this – lamentable that this happens, but this is how humans beings are – at times we are capable of atrocities, “inhuman” acts, against each other, the planet, and the other beings which share it with us. We should open our eyes to the fact that in many ways we are inferior beings.

Dogs have a place in my life and always will, just one more thing that I have in common with Siscu – one more reason to smile each day.

Today is Vito’s 10th birthday – it’s his day. Though each day he receives unlimited affection, today he’s received some presents as well – a furry noise making animal (one more to carry around the house) and a bone. We’ve been given the gift of one more year with him – this creature so full of love, so gentle, so sensitive, generous and so funny. Each day with them both is one more gift.


Realistic Dreamer

A few days ago, after watching an Eddie Murphy film, I realised just how fast time passes. It seemed that I had seen the film only a few years earlier, but no, I’d actually seem it 30 years ago – 30 years! Yes, yes, you’re all going to say that it’s about time, no? That at 40 years old, I should have realised already that time passes, days pass, and the years pass flying by, each one faster than the one before it. The truth is that I hadn’t. I hadn’t realised that perhaps half of my life has already passed (that is if I’m lucky!). I suppose that this is because I’m still a dreamer, as I was when I was little. The truth is that I describe myself as a realistic dreamer, as I keep my feet firmly on the ground while I strive to realise my dreams.

This realisation, has only served to impress on me even more just how important it is to live life to the fullest, always trying to know what you value, and maintain them each day. I try to value all I have in my hands every day, and I try to celebrate it, however small it may be.

Though we live in a world where we are taught to let go of dreams, I know how important it is to follow them, if you aren’t hurting anyone. At times you must make radical changes to what you expect from life, so as to be able to realise dreams. I’ve done it, and I have never looked back and regretted anything since the day I first did it. It’s been years now since I drastically changed my lifestyle, and I feel more complete than ever before on my life. That’s not to say that I have everything I want – not at all. It’s simply to say that with what is most important in my life, I feel truly rich.

You never come out a loser if you follow your dreams, even though at times you have to make sacrifices to achieve them. You are lost if you don’t. Nothing of true value comes without a struggle, and apart from the fact that it makes you stronger, the pleasure and satisfaction is magnified immeasurably if you have fought for something. What lands in your hands without you making an effort wont fill you.

When I talk about living my dreams, I’m not just talking about projects, hobbies or work – I’m also talking about personal life. It’s a luxury to be able to share your life with someone who understands you and supports you, loving you exactly as you are, and that this is of course mutual.

There is no other gift in life greater than that of sharing. It’s a joy to count as my friends human gems, and its an honour to know the unconditional love and care of dogs.

Each day I live realising my dreams in my life with Frank, Vito, Sheela and our friends, and I live them also in my projects my hobbies and my challenges. Nothing precious will come to you without risk, but if it’s a well calculated one, it’s worth it. What it can bring you is priceless.

So, with the realisation thanks to Mr Murphy, that the years have passed, and will keep passing, I’m more focussed than ever on valuing all I have each day, and on continuing to live as a realistic dreamer.

¡Dream and Kilometrate!

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