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Better to Prevent rather than Cure

How the days fill here! Between a bit of work, a lot of family, friends (two legged and four legged), and a bit of kilometrating, I haven’t had much time to write here. The truth is that while being here, I’ve left stress behind and though I know that there is a lot that I need to do, I also know the importance of mental rest.

I always talk about the importance of listening to my body in relation to my training, but it goes further than that. Each of us needs to listen to our body, understand what it is whispering to us, and react before the whisper turns into a scream – then it’s too late. If your body, or your head (which of course is part of your body), speaks to you, the prudent thing, the wise thing, is to respect what it is saying.

Obviously we can choose to ignore the signs, and this is what the majority do. From a sore ankle, a chronic stomach pain, lack of sleep all the way to stress and lack of free time, the majority of the population prefers not to focus, and to continue on, bulldozer-like. It’s easier to continue training with a sore ankle, than to lower or even stop training and re plan a season’s running. It’s easier to continue on with lack of sleep and stress, saying that that’s life and I have no other choice, than to stop, take stock of the situation and take the necessary decisions to solve it. It’s easier to do, but the results can be serious, if not fatal.

We’ve all said “It’s just that it’s not so easy to change/do something.” Or worse yet,  “ It’s easy for you to say, I have so many responsibilities…” You all know the song, you’ve all sung it, or are till singing it, while your body keeps on enduring it, until the day that it presents the results in the form of injuries, collapse, depression or illness.

We’re all responsible for ourselves, for our physical and mental health. Though many times this appears not to be the case, we always have several choices – of things we can change, or in the way we react when we can’t change something. Always. The excuse that I can’t change, I have responsibilities, a family, I have no time, etc, etc etc, are just that – excuses.

We have one life, and it’s better to live it fully and in the best physical and mental health possible. Do we wait until the doctor informs us of an illness once it’s too late to avoid, or do we let our body warn us in plenty of time? We can always lower training, change habits or the way we live. We can make great changes or small changes – we all can. Better prevent rather than cure. It’s not easy – but nothing great can be reached by the easy road.

I continue breathing Greek air here with Frank, Vito and Sheela, and now also with the added and welcome presence of JMA…

A Kilometrar!

(español) El sabor de otoño en Grecia

Sorry, this entry is only available in español.

Tomorrow’s Memories

Here we are in my country, all four of us, two of us (Vito and myself) remembering years now long past, treading in our old footprints, and the other two (Siscu and Sheela) treading new steps. All of us are making new memories together, on top of the old footprints and memories. These are our experiences today which one day will be our memories yesterday.

We’re living the walks, the runs and all the moments shared in our little family together with my family and old friends here. These are precious moments, as are any moments shared with loved ones. This is what marks the passage of time – the moments, the souls that touch you while the seasons and the years pass by. The years pass and many things change, but what remain are emotions, if they are pure.

No souvenir sitting on a shelf or hung from your neck is comparable or more precious than those that we carry in our hearts.

Every day (if we live emotions in their purest form), we are creating new experiences and new memories to carry in our hearts, where they will never gather dust, never rust and never break.

With a full heart, I continue savouring these days here, creating tomorrow’s memories


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