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(español) Las Joyas Humanas

The luxury of daily life

Here I am, the first day when I feel that I am in the world of the living (more or less). I left the safety of the sofa to go and collect Frank’s mother from the airport (I haven’t let more than 3 km get in between me and the sofa since I returned!), and the truth is that I feel quite well. I’m ready to start the routine of my normal life.

En los próximos días tengo que acabar mi libro para tener loo listo para la publicación en noviembre. cuando me preguntan cual es mi siguiento reto…pues eso- publicar mi libro. Estos días estaré escribiendfo también mas de la Ultra Pyrene – mis sentimientos, pensamientos y un poco de detalles – el resto será para el próximo libro!

Ayer fue mi segundo día de kilometraje – 6km. Volví agotada, pensando que es casi imposible creer que una semana antes estaba kilometrando entre 80 y 90 km mas cada día. Parece un otro mundo, lo del desafío. Pero todo tiene su momento y ahora es el momento de ser debil, de dejarme estar cansada y de no me esforzar fisicamente ni psicologicamente.Es el momento de disfrutar de los momentos pequeños de las cosas sencillas y las rutinas que te dan tanto sin pedirte mucho.

Ahora me estan llamando, Frank, su madre, Vito y Sheela para subir a la monta̱a para pasear un poco Рah los lujos de la vida diaria!

¡A Kilometrar!

Thank you

Now, 5 days after completing The Ultra Pyrene, I am still exhausted.  I have not read everything that was written in my web, and I have not read all the comments on facebook and on  I have had an almost urgent need to rest.  This did not happen to me in former challenges, and I think this is a clear sign of how tough this one was.  The fact that I completed it pleases me a lot; I have had to fight more than ever before physically and even more psychologically.  During the coming days (after the weekend) I will write more about this, but today, I simply want to say thanks in a few words.

This challenge has been a completely solidary challenge for me and the team. None of us have made any income on this.  Those of you, who know me, knows that I talk from my heart, and that my thanks are not out of obligation – they are given with all my sincerity.

The Sponsors:

I would like to thank the people and companies, who have made it possible to complete this challenge without too great financial loss to Frank and myself.

McRent and Esplai Caravaning Manresa:

One of the warmest and most open cooperations I have experienced in my career as an ultra runner. From the first day Amadeu Recasens de McRent has been open-minded, honest, and optimistic.  He and his wife supported me in my last challenge, and the two were present at the presentation of the challenge in Girona and at the arrival.  It has been a great pleasure to cooperate with him and with Antonio Gonzales from Esplai Caravaning – It has been a mutually beneficial cooperation.  Our “home” during the 12 days – the Dethleffs motor home, which we were given, meant great security to me and more importantly to the team.  It gave us all a sense of security and comfort –the team did not have a single problem with it during the challenge.   It may be a stretch to state that a motor home has been comfortable, when it is clear that at the end we were 6 adults and two big dogs occupying it.  I recommend their motor homes and the companies themselves – and if everything went smoothly on such an important and demanding challenge and with so many occupants, there is no doubt that for vacation purposes their fleet offers the best in comfort, security, and autonomy for enjoying any type of vacation.  Thanks from the entire team!  We hope to be able to cooperate again in the future – a part of the success is yours!


Champion, a name since practically forever.  They obviously have not helped us with products, as their products are components for cars (and even though people in Spain says that I am a machine (Spanish expression), I am sure that I am made of bones, flesh, and blood!), but they have made it possible to cover much of the cost involved in completing the Ultra Pyrene.  Thank you Champion for believing in something this different and solidary!

Katacrack Shirts:

My t-shirts are by now famous for its distinctive colour; the colour of great happiness.  Apart from being an optimistic colour, it is a colour of safety both on the road and in the mountains – that has been demonstrated time and again.   We have collaborated with Katacrack since the 2010 km last year, and for the Ultra Pyrene we continued this cooperation.  Thanks to Joan Turro and his t-shirts we have been able to realise the solidary part of the challenge – we have sold many t-shirts and are still receiving orders from near and very far. I can guarantee that the shirts are great (I have used them for running more kilometres than most people drive in a year), and they are very durable in terms of fabric and colour.  All the clothes of the team was supplied by Katacrack, and it has been perfect for every moment of this challenge.  It looks good, it is comfortable, and functional – everything one could wish for from sports clothes.  Thank you Katacrack on my behalf and on behalf of the team and ASEM Catalunya.

Veosat (Sofintel Group):

They were my very first sponsor for the challenge BCN –Santiago de Compostela in April of 2008.  The company was one of the first in Spain to make available a system of live GPS tracking and during these 3 years we have worked hard to obtain a product that is safe, reliable, and that offers tracking in any moment.  Veosat has cooperated in almost all my challenges, and the support of Jorge Segura and his team Ruben Sanchez, Raul and others continues to be a great help to me.  Thanks to Veosat, all of you in the Iberic Peninsula, in Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, England, Argentina, Chile and many more countries have been able to share it all – enjoying, suffering, and fighting with me.  Thank you Veosat for your past, present, and future effort and collaboration!


I think that Asics Trabuco is synonymous with me – at least with my restless feet.  I am being asked why I use them on paved road and dirt road surfaces and not only in the mountains… well, my answer is simple:  Why change something that works really well?

And for the moment it remains so.  I keep kilometrating in my Trabucos like the last 3 years – and this year better than before, because not it is in collaboration with Asics.   Thanks to Asics for your shoes, which have accompanied me for so many kilometres!

Up Events:

I have known Julio Estallo for some years now, and I have been more than pleased to collaborate with him on the Ultra Pyrene.  His support has helped us realise this challenge, and I hope that we can continue our cooperation in the future.  Neighbour and friend – Thanks to you, your company, and your family for supporting us so much!

The Municipalities:

Baztan/Elizondo, Ochagavía, Jaca, Ainsa, El Pont de Suert, Sort, Andorra, Planoles, Sant Joan les Fonts, Figueres, Cadaqués, and Girona.

Thanks to all for your cooperation in this challenge.  You have facilitated our rest and security.

Special thanks must be given to the following municipalities, who stood out in their support in a warm and impressive manner, whether or not they were small or large city halls:

Baztan / Elizondo







As city halls and publicly you deserve special mention for the welcome that you gave me, and for the way you treated the team.  Thank you!

It is evident that I must thank Girona for their support from the very beginning, and Josep Maria Jofre and Anna Pagans for the press conference and for the beautiful arrival that you gave me and my great team – it was a great end of the challenge – thank you Girona!

Now comes the moment for me to talk about a small great country – Andorra. From the very first moment Andorra and Andorra la Vella, Municipality and Government have supported me and my challenge 100%. Your support have come from your hearts that are truly boundless. You are an exceptional government and country.   You may be a small great country – but you are very big as people – officially and publicly.  The reception at the border will remain in my heart forever – your happiness and help that went beyond what we had asked for, will remain in the history of the Ultra Pyrene, and the unconditional care and affection will remain in my soul forever.

María Rosa Ferrer, Josep Vila Circuns, Manel Blasi, Albert Samarra Pujol, Judith Salazar Alvarez, and athletes from FADEM have supported us in an incredible manner and in doing so have demonstrated the values of your country. Cesc Pedra Ferrer – nothing of this would have been possible without your support in Andorra, where you introduced me to everybody, and to your friend Lluis from the police.  Your support have helped me a lot in my challenges, but this time you participated with all your heart and I want you to know that I am eternally thankful. I will not forget those last 10 km and the arrival – it will remain recorded in my mind as some of the best kilometres that I have ever kilometrated.

It has been an honour and a pleasure to cooperate with the sponsors and city halls in order to complete the Ultra Pyrene – thanks to all of you.

On Monday I will talk about the others, who have participated in this challenge; ASEM, the runners, and the ones, who enrich my life – my family here – the marvellous team.

I will continue resting and enjoying very much not having to kilometrate…


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