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Mental Kilometres

Two and a half weeks after finishing the Ultra Pyrene, I’m only just beginning to feel somewhat grounded psychologically. The kilometres of the challenge and it’s training phase have obviously affected me physically, but the effect that they had on my mind is much greater.

Physically, I arrived exhausted, but without any injury at all, not even a blister, nothing after the 1000 kilometres. The deep exhaustion will delay in leaving – that’s why I’ll be taking a very light season now. It would be so easy to just jump right back in and continue hopping from challenge to challenge or from race to race as so many do, but for me, my health comes first. To assure that I can continue being strong, both mentally and physically, enabling me to continue achieving new challenges, now is an extremely critical moment. I’m fine, without any outward sign of all I have doen in these last 12 months or in fact the last 3 years, and though I do feel profoundly tired, don’t hear any alarms. But this is exactly what is so hard to understand, and where so many fail – learning to listen to your body. When exhaustion reaches as far as your mind, it’s even more critical that you listen to it. Our brains have huge power over our bodies, and its vital that you respect both.

My brain and my body give me much, my brain demands and my body obeys, advancing, achieving things which I never even imagined that I would be capable of. When either one or the other asks for rest – I respect it, without thinking twice. Rest is more important than people realise – of this I have no doubt at all.

The mental kilometres of the Ultra Pyrene have affected me deeply. Only now am I beginning to be able to digest everything, separate all the experiences and begin to put order to all that I lived during those 1000 km and 12 days, physically, mentally and interpersonally.

The documentary will come out of this, but I also think that a book will as well. The book, I suspect will be very different from the one that I will be publishing this autumn, which is based on the 2010 km that I ran last year. Both experiences were so very different.

Right now I’m focussed on finishing my first book (so as to be able to begin the next!), and more importantly, I’m focussed on my personal life. Everything has it’s moment, and as I said yesterday during the interview with Ana and Julia, my private life comes first, with Siscu and our dogs, my health, friends and family – after that comes running. And that’s how it is – running isn’t the most important thing in my life – my life itself, and all that is in it is most important. Maybe that’s one of the secrets of my success as an ultrakilometrator, knowing what is important to me and respecting it!


A day in the life of an Ultrakilometrator

Today I had the pleasure of the company of Ana and Julia from  M1 TV. They wanted to film me from early morning for their program “Carnet Esportiu” which will air next monday. This program will open the show’s new season. Their company was a pleasure for Siscu, Vito, Sheela and I. (Vito &Sheela are delighted that they’ll be on the show too!).

I’m almost finished with one more chapter – 2 more + the introduction.


(español) El otro lado de la prueba

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