BCN WOMEN’s 3rd lunch

Two months ago I launched a project along with three other women, Silvia Nonell, Eva Donat, and Ana Rey: BCN WOMEN The idea is to unite women and men to share and promote women’s strength and to help women find the essentail balance in their professional and personal lives.

Principles of BCN WOMEN:

Unite: once a month we meet for lunch with a particular topic to discuss and share thoughts and ideas regarding that topic.

Objective: develop women’s strength in all areas of life, both professional and personal. Resilience and endurance and our interpersonal relations are some of the obectives we ant to reach through our regular meetings.

Each month we are growing – and the fact of being able to unite bright intelligent minds from very diverse areas gives us the opportunity to share ideas, worries and inspirations.

The theme of the first lunch was simply the creation of BCN WOMEN, and the second was “I’m not a victim”. The latter gave us the opportunity to discuss and share ideas on this tricky and fundamental topic.

Next BCN WOMEN’s lunch:

Thursday July the 16th

Location: Galería- Café MITTE Barcelona: C/ Bailen 86

At this lunch I’ll spend 15-20 minutes discussing the theme and then everyone will be invited to share thoughts and experiences.


Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

Today’s professional world holds involves more pressure and stress than ever before. Both men and women have more opportunities within their reach than ever before. But all this comes at a high cost. Burnout Syndrome, and Stress Syndrome are realities. Burnout is the corporate epidemic of our times. In almost all companies and corporations, regardless of their size, we are seeing instances of this all to often. The numbers are alarming, and the results are disastrous, both on a personal, and on a professional level. Every year millions are spent on absenteeism due to Burnout – it’s a crisis that affects the majority of developed countries.

In my work as a speaker, and more so as a guide/coach for professional and personal development on an international level, I regularly work with individuals and companies finding customised solutions in my Executive/Professional Endurance and Development programs.

At this next BCN WOMEN’s lunch, I will be giving an overview of the current situation regarding Burnout and the effects and consequences, and I’ll be offering some clear and simple solutions regarding prevention. My theory is always that it’s better to prevent rather than to have to cure.  It will be an opportunity for everyone to share experiences and doubts on this issue.

Numbers are limited – if you are interested in participation please write via the website for details and availability.

Until then…Be Excellent!


TEDx Talk – Commit Before You Leap

Last month I was honoured to give my first TEDx Talk in Athens for TEDxAcademy. I spoke for about 300 young people of 19-23 and a plenty of older ones. The theme for the day was Dare to Dream – a wonderful topic sorely missing in today’s society. You too can dare to dream here:

Video TEDx Alexandra Panayotou – Commit Before You Leap

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