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The last steps towards the 400 km…

The press conference yesterday went wonderfully with Isabel Muradas, Fina Surina,  Pep Pujols, of the Girona City Hall, the Generalitat de Catlalunya and the Diputacion de Girona, along with several members of my dream team. Great emotion and warmth!

After the press conference we collected the motorhomes for the Dream Team & the documentary team, then Frank, Albert, Sheela, Robyn & I went for the last 6km run (my brother Con joined us running in Zurich), then I left Albert & Frank “dressing” the motor home with all the artwork and logos while I went to the airport to collect La Mamma.

This morning after a lazy breakfast I packed my bags, prepped my pharmacy, my pack and last minute details and then had a short meeting with the documentary team. I finalised things by collecting the last of the team’s clothing which is gorgeous!

Physically I feel in great form, I’m well rested and am really looking forward to setting off tomorrow. I feel very well supported by my team, by the La Vall girls, by all or collaborators and speacially by everyone in Girona. And of course all your support from near or far is helping enormously! I know I’ll have to suffer enormously but now I just want to be in the swing of things…

So now it’s time to disconnect, eat dinner and sleep because tomorrow is the day….A Kilometrar! Be excellent!

Press onference for my 400 km today in Girona!

I’m almost at the starting line…only 2 days left. Today we have the press conference in Girona with Isabel Muradas, Pep Pujols and Fina Surina along with a few members of my Dream Team! Dee you there – Ajuntament at…a kilometrarar & Be Excellent!

Route Book ready

Finally we have the roadbook ready – I hope to have it in a downloadable pdf in th epress page here today also. The timings are very approxiamte and conservative, and have included for several hours of “buffer” to allow for the planned arrival at Girona Cathedral.

Most of the jobs on my list have now been ticked off and now its time for me to begin resting and focussing on what awaits me next week…a kilometrar & be excellent!

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