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Beyond Running – One Year Later

Yesterday was exactly one year since I finished Running4Her, my 400 km solo charity run and educational project, finalising an eight year extreme endurance running career, comprising of thirteen such challenges, all of which I achieved.

Though I had announced publicly that Running4Her was to be my final solo extreme endurance challenge, few people believed me. Running has changed my life, it brought me from success to failure in much more than sports.  Though a wonderful and enriching sport, it can also be an obsessive one, and I wasn’t going to fall into this trap. I ran what I needed to run, my current business developed from my running as well as my studies in psychology and philosophy, and I changed my life, it was now time to dedicate myself largely towards this work – to help others change their lives, professionally or personally. My development, speaking, and writing work is too important for me to dedicate such extreme effort and time to running, and anyway, I didn’t want to continue – it was time to go beyond running.

I have spent this last year focussing purely on my motivational speaking, my professional and personal development programmes and retreats, and on writing my second book “Small Steps towards Excellence”. I have given talks and programmes here in Spain and in Greece, have given my first TEDx Talk, and have held numerous development retreats here in Spain for clients both from Spain and from abroad.

I have launched a women’s group here in Barcelona “BCN Women” and am currently launching my new Essential Transformation programs for 2016 where we work on personal transformation via exercise. I am launching a charity project “Tolerance Without Boarders”, and developing and major educational project. The Documentary of the Challenge “Catching Up with Alex” is currently in its post production and fundraising stage.

When asked why I don’t want to run any more extreme solo challenges, what else can I reply except that I have moved beyond running…I still run – for fun and health now – and I am still developing charity projects, and as for my own challenges? Each day presents exciting new projects and challenges.

My thirteen challenges remain permanently engraved in my mind and in my heart, as do all the amazing people who participated and supported them. Thanks to Frank and every single person involved in all of them!

R4H: Catching Up With Alex Trailer

400 km: I did it…no, WE did it!

Achieved! After 13 incredibly tough extreme solo challenges this was the perfect one to finish my career with. It can be characterised with two main points: the brutal difficulty to achieve it, both physically and mentally, and the amazing people who surrounded the 400 km – human gems each and every one.

I’ll be posting snippets every day, along with photos and videos – now rest is vital. but for now…Here’s the most amazing video trailer with all the highlights and “Lowlights”: 400 km non-stop

A Kilometrar and be Excellent!

Last changes in challenge Running4her’s route.

This afternoon about 20:30 watching Alex evolution and valuing her strength and the time left we have decided to change the route in order to fulfil the challenge of the 400 km. Basically we removed the resting zone from Castelló d’Empuries to the north where we had to rant about 40 km into the Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls de l’Empordà, going through back to Girona. These missing kilometers will be taken back later in a circuit we had prepared in Celrà village to adjust the 400 km.

This change it doesn’t affect the final result, we will see you in Catedral of Girona about 20:00.

Running4her team

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