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A snail race interrupts the 24 hr chronicles

Today I think that I need to interrupt the 24 hr Chronicles for a special update of a more amusing nature.
Last night Frank and I were invited by Moises Rodriguez of TVE to a dinner at Can Soteras Diagonal Restaurant celebrating the closing of the snail season. It was to be a gathering of people from the worlds of sports, the media, theatre, music, cinema and politics.
But as is often the case when Moises is involved, the evening turned out to be anything but ordinary. It stated with a Snail Race – yes you read right. A race not for runners or cylclists but for snails.

The meal that followed was great fun. Frank and I as friends of the snails of course had a lovely vegetarian meal in great company, as we were entertained with a variety of acts from musicians and others. Definitely a different way to spend an evening!
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