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Corriendo en busca de un mundo mejor

(Como Alex aún no ha aprendido a correr y escribir en el blog al mismo tiempo -cosa que estamos seguros que aprendería si se lo propusiera- nos ha encomendado dar noticias de su reto por ella)

La organización dice que el reto se está desarrollando con normalidad, con unas condiciones climatológicas estupendas y con Alex en muy buena forma. Pasado el mediodía y con más de la mitad del recorrido, Alex se avanzaba 30 minutos a las previsiones, es decir, que todo marcha muy bien.

Os dejamos algunas imagenes de su paso por Almería donde, como saben tenía una agenda apretadísima, entre charlas, firma de libros y el reto solidario que está llevando a cabo en estos momentos.

A new literary journey

Another medium long training finished – 35 km along the coast, on an out and back route. By week’s I should close my training at about 150 km. From here on until a couple of weeks before my October challenge, it will be onwards and upwards.

When Siscu and I returned from our holidays about 3 weeks ago, I felt somewhat apprehensive about throwing myself headlong into work: training full time, challenges and all they entail, speaking engagements and executive training, and writing my next book. It all seemed huge, challenging, and exhausting. And it’s true, the next 10 months will be all of that, and more no doubt, but they will also be enriching, life changing, full of excitement, new adventures and wonderful moments shared with many different people. In this life, nothing is ever sure, nothing worthwhile is ever easy, nor does it come without significant risks, and certainly nothing of great value comes without dedication, passion, discipline, joy and some amount of dreaming.

My apprehension lasted no more than a few days – how could it? I thrive on all of the above – it’s what helps me develop as a person, and what allows me to keep striving for personal excellence.

So though a long, tough road is ahead of me – I’m fully motivated, and have already thrown myself into it all with gusto. I’m thrilled to be launching a new collaboration with a charity in the UK, one that will no doubt be tied in with 3 of my challenges. I’m delighted to be well into my training period for my October challenge – a period which will be almost as tough as the challenge itself, and last but by no means least, I excited to be beginning my new book!

I leave you now to prepare a new document and set off on this new literary journey, which will continue as all my other different journeys develop over the coming months…


Ready to roll…

Yesterday my interview on Catalunya Radio went really well. I was accompanied by Rosa Morató and her husband Pol Guillén. We discussed running in general, the latest trends and fads, and it’s growth here in Spain, amongst other things – all from the points of view of a traditional athlete (Rosa), a rnning afficionado (Pol) nad from and ultra endurance athlete (my good self). It was a sort of round table discussion, and it went really well – the company was wonderful, and Adam, the interviewer was competent and pleasant. All in all, not a bad way to spend Sunday morning, psecially considering that Siscu and I them went on to Martin and Sara’s house for brunch.

I’ve just finished writing my next article for Saber Vivir magazine – and now it’s time for a trot. Siscu and I will kilometrate together today, some 15 kms along the coast – a luxury for me to have his company.

Tomorrow about 35 km await me first thing in the morning, after which I will settle down at my laptop to begin writing the introduction to my next book, as finally I’m ready to roll…


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