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The Girls of Spring

What a pleasure it was yesterday to give my motivational talk “Finding your Own Path” in La Vall College in Bellaterra! This month the college was voted the 6th best school in Catalonia and in the top 100 in Spain, and this was evident to me yesterday when I visited them to share my story, my philosophies and my messages with some 100 15-year-old girls and their teachers.

The hall was full, not only with the young women, but also with positive energy and joy, not usually seen outside a rock concert.

Both teachers and students welcomed me in such a warm manner, that from the first moment till the last, I was not only able to enjoy giving the talk, but also to thoroughly enjoy being there.

At the end they had so many interesting and intelligent questions that we had to finally stop them due to lack of time. Their applause was thunderous, accompanied by loud cheering. The fact that we’d stopped the questions didn’t stop them though – they just swarmed up to me, surrounded me and we continued chatting for another 15 minutes or so.

After the talk the presented me with a gift and the teachers invited me to lunch with them – an added pleasure to the visit!

I truly love working with young adults (both girls and boys) – the ability to perhaps touch some lives and help in some of their futures by giving them tools to help face whatever awaits them is for me a luxury.

I always enjoy giving motivational talks, but there are times when they remain engraved in my heart – yesterday was one of those times.

If life is measured in Seasons, then those girls are Spring – just like the view from my window today, they are brilliant, and full of the promise and all the possibilities in the world. Congratulations girls and congratulations La Vall College…

Be Excellent!

(español) Como 82 km pueden enriquecer tu vida…

English translation tomorrow!

The Joys of August

The interview I had last week with Carles Aguilar of Onda Cero Radio was great – being a runner himself we had much to talk about, and it turns out that we agree on many aspects of out favourite sport. It was broadcast on Saturday afternoon. I hope to have it here tomorrow, Carles has sent it to me but I seem to be struggling with the download, and I need Siscu to help me.

Yesterday Oz, Jordi and I set off for a run at 3pm in the full heat of the afternoon. We decided to head for the hills, or rather I had decided, and they being brave didn’t complain! Halfway up the 7 km vertical ascent we were all bitterly regretting this decision… but as is the case with anything that makes you struggle, when we got to the top we were delighted despite the heat, the humidity and our general laziness.

But these are the joys of August – and if you can “enjoy” them with great friends, after there is always a cold shower and a delicious meal, which is all the tastier after having sweated so much.

Be Excellent!

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