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Instrucciones para corredores o ciclistas para acompañar a Alex durante el reto.

1. Para acompañar a Alex durante sus 400 Km gracias por contactar al equipo Running4her antes de unirse a ella. Santi Miró 696442178.

2. Durante el rato que estén acompañando a Alex deben ser totalmente autosuficientes, el equipo Running4her no podrá proveer agua, alimentos u otras necesidades a los acompañantes, así como deberán organizar también su transporte tanto de ida como de vuelta.

3. En todo momento deberán respetar las instrucciones del equipo y especialmente las del ciclista de Alex.

Gracias de antemano por vuestra colaboración.

170 km – MINI challenge?

The 170 km were tough – much tougher than I had anticipated. Of course I was utterly exhausted before setting out after months of hard training, my normal work, and all the work and preparations for the concert. The changes that I had to make to this mini challenge due to BCN not giving permits etc, left me with almost a week less of tapering to my training and only three days rest after the concert instead of a week.

But I did it – after hours of terrible struggle. By half-way I was already asking myself “Mini challenge? MINI challenge? I can’t find anything mini about this challenge!”.

But this mini challenge was more useful than you can imagine…it gave be a good dose of the suffering that I will come across in June. Two years have passed since my last extreme solo challenge, and though I never forget the suffering, the pain, or the desperation, it’s all become much more real now. More real than before those 170km.

The best of all was as always the human gems. The start in Girona was a wonderful send off – hugs from Isabel Muradas the delagate from City Hall and her team, several friends came out to see me off – Xevi Avellana, Jacky Camos, adn Quim Arpi, and of course Siscu and Manmachine were there. This was the push which carried me to Barcelona – this wave of support, and that of the friends along the way.

So better than writing pages here, I’m leaving you with the video clips which I made along the way – it’s a cronicle of the 170 km adventure…

Just click on each link to see the video clips:

First steps with my local guide (and great friend) Xevi Avellana

1st kms

First song of the 170 km

Friends along the 170 km non-stop run

Km 50 of 170

Coffee stop on the 170 km

Km 70 of 170km – nighttime thoughts

2nd song at km 85 of 170 km – halfway there

Nighttime slump at 100 and something km of 170 km

Last steps…

Analysis of 170 km after a shower

And that was how it went…¡A Kilometrar!

Be Excellent!

1st press conference in Girona for Running 4 Her tomorrow!

Tomorrow 1st press conference for Running 4 Her in Girona:

Girona Ayuntamiento at 12:00!

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