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TEDx Talk – Commit Before You Leap

Last month I was honoured to give my first TEDx Talk in Athens for TEDxAcademy. I spoke for about 300 young people of 19-23 and a plenty of older ones. The theme for the day was Dare to Dream – a wonderful topic sorely missing in today’s society. You too can dare to dream here:

Video TEDx Alexandra Panayotou – Commit Before You Leap

100 km done after a long long night

At 8:30 this morning I’ve done the first 100 km trough La Escala. The first night has been very tough, critic from 1 to 6 and worst between 6 and 8, depite I was with other runners till 3 AM I have suffered a lot the lack of sleeping, and from 6 to 8 I was literally asleep while running. I started my recovering after 9 AM when the sun start heating, my my feeling this morning is that I’m going to fight till the end for the people and the team, but right now I don’t want to suffer anymore.

Let`s  kilometrate,

Running4her team

22:00 about 40 Km, first update

It’s about 10 PM, 40 Km done and fantastic sensations, still fresh the feelings of  the start in Girona this afternoon. I’ve been running with several runners, thanks to all of them. Now we got the first night ahead, tomorrow morning new update.


Running4her team

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